Massive military aircraft flies over Bundaberg

A RAAF Boeing C-17 Globemaster flying over Bundaberg.
The Boeing C-17 Globemaster flying over Bundaberg this morning.

If you happened to hear a roaring noise in the sky this morning, you might have looked up to notice a large military aircraft racing through the clouds.

The RAAF Boeing C-17 Globemaster came in from the south and performed a ‘missed approach’ at the Bundaberg Airport before departing to the north-east.

A missed approach is used as a training exercise for crew.

The aircraft lines up with the runway and approaches as if to land, but increases power and climbs away before actually touching down.

According to the RAAF, the aircraft is used for various operations including deploying troops, supplies, combat vehicles, heavy equipment and helicopters anywhere in the world.

It is fitted with a cargo bay ramp that allows it to airdrop cargo in-flight, and is able to carry up to 77 tonnes of cargo at a time.