Bundy students partners in crime at university

Renee Nielsen and Hollie Cooper.
Renee Nielsen and Hollie Cooper.

There’s no mystery surrounding what the future holds for Bundaberg Region high school graduates Hollie Cooper and Renee Nielsen.

The two friends, who graduated from Kepnock State High School last year, are taking their mutual interest in true crime documentaries to the next level by studying Criminology and Justice together at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

OP2 recipient Hollie will begin a Laws/Criminology and Justice degree while classmate Renee, who achieved an OP3, will combine her criminology studies with a degree in Psychology.

“It's so much easier to think about conquering the world when you have a friend at your side,” Renee said.

“I know that I can count on Hollie to be there for me, and she can expect the same of me.”

Hollie said everything had fallen into place for the friends who shared drama and legal studies classes at school.

“It’s a big relief to know I'll have a close friend right from the get-go to talk with about everything,” she said.

They bonded early in their school years over crime books, movies and a love of acting and now the two friends are also connected by similar goals and career aspirations.

Both girls have high ambitions

Hollie said she hoped her double degree would lead to a vocation in advocacy law, youth justice and child safety.

“I'm really driven by the dream of having a career that gives me a sense of making a positive impact on the lives of others in a big way,” she said.

“My main goal in life is to help people,” Renee said.

“I hope to eventually own my own business that incorporates my goals and the skills that I gain from studying and working in Psychology and Criminology and Justice.”

Both are looking forward to starting their university experience at USC’s Sunshine Coast campus this year.