Animals get a voice through Sharyn’s inspiring work

Founder of Red Collar Rescue Sharyn Banks has a passion for animals.

Ever since she can remember, Sharyn Banks has had a special affinity with animals.

“Personally, it is my life- animals have been my passion from my earliest memories,” she said.

The Red Collar Rescue founder has been an active force in matching abandoned pets to loving owners and has successfully re homed over 3500 dogs and livestock since officially opening in 2010.

“I have never been able to stand by and watch an animal suffer,” Ms Banks said.

“They have no voice, so I will use mine and I will do it until my last breath.”

Through Red Collar Rescue, Ms Banks and her passionate team work around the clock to provide shelter and care for dogs at their Biggenden refuge centre.

She said they worked closely with many local organisations, including Bundaberg Regional Council's Animal Control team, to try to re home as many dogs as possible.

“We deal with dogs that are being surrendered by their owners for various reasons, as well as the pound list every week,” she said.

“We pick the dogs up, take them to the vets for assessment and vaccinations, heartworm treatment and to make a plan on any other health issues.”

“Later they return for desexing and micro chipping before trying to find them a new home.”

There are many dogs, such as gorgeous Cobber, available for adoption at Red Collar Rescue.

How can you help?

Being a not-for-profit organisation, Ms Banks said the team were constantly looking to raise funds and support for their organisation.

“There are so many things people can do to help like share posts on Facebook, volunteer some time, collect donations and make things to sell,” she said.

“Together as a community we can look after the animals in our own town that didn't ask to be put in this position.

“Their lives are as precious to them, as ours are to us. They deserve to live pain free, and with love.”

Getting a pet?

Ms Banks said for those seriously considering introducing a pet to the home, research was a must.

“Know the breed your considering, speak to vets, ensure you are able to provide the medical, nutritional, physical and emotional requirements for that animal,” Ms Banks said.

“A dog is for 15 to 20 years so you must be ready to commit for the long term.”

Head to the Red Collar Rescue website to find a list of all dogs available for adoption- including Zeek.

Ms Banks said dogs made an amazing companion for those willing to give them the love they deserved.

“I love that they are non judgmental, forgiving, always happy, and willing to give us their heart,” she said.

“They don't hold back, they seem to be willing to live for us.”

To support the Red Collar Rescue team, Bundaberg Now will publish a dog available for adoption each week.

To find out more, go to our Adopt a Dog section here.


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