Up the creek — and with their paddles!

Burnett River Dragon Boat Club

There’s nothing better than being up the creek with a paddle!

That’s the view of members of the Burnett River Dragon Boat Club who set out from the Burnett River Boat Ramp every Sunday morning for a leisurely paddle which lasts around one hour.

The club recently celebrated its 10th year and club president Joann Warburton is enthusiastic about the sport and growing club membership.

“The great thing about Dragon Boating is the fabulous social aspects as well as the regular exercise it provides.

“Our members range from teenagers through to some in their 70’s. The wonderful thing about the sport is that it caters equally to men and women and is suitable for anyone no matter their fitness level.

“There is structure to the sport and there’s nothing better than the sight of a full crew paddling in unison and really sending the boat along.

“We can get more than 20 people into the boat and they are all under the control of the sweep who stands at the rear of the boat and guides our path.”

Members of the Burnett River Dragon Boat Club prepare for an outing on the Burnett River last Sunday.

Joann said the Burnett River Dragon Boat Club does participate in annual regattas and travels to Hervey Bay, Seventeen Seventy; Cooloola and events at Bucca and the Burnett River to compete.

“The social aspect of the sport is very important but the members who want to participate at a competition level do enjoy the regattas which also encourages interaction with teams from throughout the region.

“We do welcome anyone who may be interested in joining us for a paddle. It’s a great way to start your Sunday. We are on the water at 8am and meet adjacent to the boat ramp from about 7.30am.

“All equipment and instruction is provided and we always ensure the safety of members and those in the boat with water safety of paramount importance.”

Anyone interested in joining the club for a paddle can contact Joann on 0429 471 057.