Ex-HMAS Tobruk dive popular with visitors

ex-HMAS Tobruk dive site
Ex-HMAS Tobruk is popular with scuba divers. Picture: Tracy Olive

Bundaberg scuba diver Tracy Olive has sent us some stunning pictures from her visit to ex-HMAS Tobruk.

The 127-metre former Royal Australian Navy vessel was scuttled offshore near Bundaberg and is now home to a thriving and developing underwater ecosystem.

Lady Musgrave Experience has added a Tobruk Experience to its suite of tours.

There was some controversy with the scuttling when ex-HMAS Tobruk landed on its side instead of upright. We asked Tracy if this matters from a diver's perspective.

“I know there was a lot of bad publicity about it being on its side but it also has heaps of positives,” she said.

“It's a very positive outcome to what was thought to be a bad situation.

“The props are up mid-water and make a great eye-catching sight.

“Walkways are at different angles and they are easy to swim through.

“It is all secure and there are plenty of access points and light. It is just so awesome regardless of its position.”

Tracy said the ocean has made ex-HMAS Tobruk its own.

“This is a big thing for Bundaberg tourism,” she said.

“I swam on Sunday with 24 people who came up from the Sunshine Coast to dive it.

“Some stayed here overnight and brought money to our area.

“Lady Musgrave Experience have worked tirelessly to get their boat ready for scuba divers and put in so much planning with amazing super-qualified staff to give all visitors a wonderful safe experience.”

For more information visit Bundaberg Tourism.

ex-HMAS Tobruk dive
Marine life at the ex-HMAS Tobruk dive site. Picture: Tracy Olive
ex-HMAS Tobruk dive
The ex-HMAS Tobruk dive site is attracting visitors from afar. Picture: Tracy Olive