Bundaberg Rum features among SBS Megafactories


Bundaberg Rum is in the same league as Lamborghini, BMW, Boeing, IKEA and Lego when it comes to deserving attention from the makers of SBS TV series Megafactories.

The iconic Bundaberg distillery hits SBS Viceland (SBS2) on Monday, 11 March at 6.40pm.

The program explores the meticulous procedures required to create the legendary Aussie tipple, offering national exposure for the brand and the Bundaberg Region.

Megafactories is a documentary series that takes viewers behind the walls of the most elaborate industrial spaces on earth. It's described as “a loving testament to human-made ingenuity”.

Megafactories Bundaberg Rum
Inside the Bundaberg Rum Distillery, which will be featured on the SBS documentary Megafactories.

Each episode shows what goes into making some of the world’s most-renowned products, placing viewers at the intersection between human and machine.

“The first thing that separates the Bundaberg Distillery from most of the world’s megafactories is its gorgeous, seemingly quaint exterior,” SBS says.

“An oversized cottage-like facade suggests that all you’d find inside is a handful of staff working a few barrels.

“The truth is you’d find one of the country’s most elaborate and unique factories.

“Each year, Aussie rum enthusiasts purchase over five million cases of Bundy.

“On average, the megafactory is home to $2 billion worth of the stuff, and churns out 50,000 bottles a day, or around 130 a minute.

“Their original blend is aged for two years in one of 283 American White Oak vats, each of which costs $100,000 to make and stores $7 million worth of rum.”

If you miss the program on Monday it will be available afterwards on SBS On Demand.