Bundy Gig Guide introduced with what’s on Friday, 29 March

Bundy Gig Guide 29 March 2019
Bundy Gig Guide 29 March 2019. Source: Facebook

Bundaberg Now is pleased to share with readers a first instalment of the Friday night Bundy Gig Guide courtesy of the music loving team who write on Facebook about what's happening in the Bundaberg live-music scene.

Steve Price started Bundy Gig Guide in September last year after living in Bundaberg for a couple of years and having difficulty finding local live music, both originals and covers.

“Despite a couple of Facebook pages that had the same events and same venues every week, I was certain Bundy had more,” Steve said.

“Not being a party animal out every weekend till 3am I thought was restricting me, but then came the day I heard the voice of Abby Skye on the radio.

“She was playing the next night at the Grand Hotel so I had to go, wow, finally an amazing voice in Bundy.

“After going to a few, well every gig she did in Bundy for a few months, the world of live music in Bundy was opened to me, getting to meet and hear other singers like Derek F Smith, Matt Barker (who's back in Bundy for four shows in June) Walker St, Smooth Velvet, Mark Lavender and the list went on.”

Steve said he was blown away by the talent playing in Bundaberg, but it was all hidden.

“Most of the answers were ‘well you do it',” he said.

“So I spent every afternoon after work through August  speaking to every pub in Bundy about live music and seeing where help was needed.

“Then I went to see new singers and talked to them. It was a simple conclusion that Bundaberg needed a free live music page for all genre of music.”

Steve decided to start a Facebook page and publish all live music, hoping to get 200-300 people to like the page by Christmas to see if it was worthwhile.

“On Christmas Day I had 1515 likes and it's getting bigger every week,” he said.

“I couldn't do what I do without the extra help I get from three fabulous friends behind the scenes.

“Many people see me and see me running around but the Bundy Gig Guide that now has almost 2500 likes in just over six months advertises on average 42 gigs a week, reaches over 21,000  people a week, gives everyone the chance to get to know the musos, has giveaways, and is run by four people who just have a passion for live music.”

The amazing voice of Abby Skye inspired Bundy Gig Guide.