Giant koala visiting Bundaberg to promote Townsville festival


A giant koala will visit Bundaberg on 10 April to promote the Townsville Cultural Fest.

Giant koala
A giant koala will be visiting Bundaberg to promote Townsville Cultural Fest.

Townsville Intercultural Centre has developed a big three-metre high koala sculpture as the festival mascot.

“The mascot has been chosen for its resilience and fragility,” manager Maureen Heron said.

“For the last 25 years the Townsville Cultural Fest has been a true community event, promoting harmony and cementing that everyone belongs through our mantra ‘Unity in Diversity'.

“This message is even more poignant given the very tumultuous times diverse communities are facing right now.

“The giant koala will be travelling from Brisbane to Townsville between 9-14 April 2019. We welcome the opportunity to meet with community members in Bundaberg on the afternoon of 10 April 2019.”

Mayor Jack Dempsey and councillors have been invited to meet the koala.

After being photographed last week with Flip the Reading Turtle, we're interested to see if Mayor Dempsey and Cr Judy Peters will add a big marsupial to their photo galleries.