Cheerful tune reflects Bundaberg on a Sunday


Bundaberg singer songwriter Warren Wrangell has released a cheerful music video that captures the friendly atmosphere of “walking down these sugar streets” on a Sunday morning.

The long-time Council employee and musician said he wanted to express positive feelings about living in Bundaberg.

“I like to write my own songs when inspiration comes,” he said.

“I wanted to write a song about Bundaberg because I haven’t heard many that are cheerful and uplifting.

“Driving downtown one day I saw the old bloke sitting near the Police Beat and thought there’s a story to be told.

“The song imagines walking down the street and observing what I see on a normal Sunday.”

It was composed a few months ago but had its world premiere on Facebook on Sunday, 10 April thanks to support from Bundaberg Regional Council, where Warren works as a mower driver.

Mayor Jack Dempsey said the song had a catchy tune that’s light and fun.

“I love that Warren is passionate about Bundaberg,” he said.

“It’s great that Council employees are promoting a positive image of our community.

“I like how Warren has captured the laid-back essence of Bundaberg on a Sunday afternoon. Yes, we’re ‘cool cats’ in Bundy and ‘in all the world there’s only one little town like this’.”

Mayor Dempsey said he has a vision to encourage music artists to perform live at iconic locations around the region.

Warren has previously belonged to bands and played solo and currently plays as part of a duo called Tusky with Richard Gorter. They’ll be at Rocky Point Retreat on 20 April.

Warren Wrangell Bundy on a Sundy, Bundaberg Sunday
Warren Wrangell wrote and performs Bundy on a Sundy.

Bundy on a Sundy

I like walking down these sugar streets
It’s quiet here on Sunday afternoon
You never know who you’re gonna meet on the street
Or near the Police Beat, don’t assume
Hey there’s old George again
Pretty sure he used to have a friend with him
Sit and talk for hours while their partners shop for flowers
Now George is all alone but he’s alright
Coz it’s Bundy on a Sundy
Been a Bundy kind of year
Coz when you live in Bundy
Makes you want to stand up and cheer

I’m from Bundy, how about that
We’re from Bundy, no mice here, just cool cats

I see Mavis in the chemist shop, she’s got a choice around this part of town of three
There’s Andy with his Nan and Pop she’s got a choc top with the lot from the Ice Creamery. It’s a mouthful
The lorikeets are coming in from downing all that nectar, what a noise
The smell of coffee fills the air and to me it just don’t seem that fair
That in all the world there’s only one little town like this

Bundy on a Sundy
Been a Bundy kind of year
Coz when you live in Bundy it makes you want to stand up and cheer, yeah

Bundy on a Sundy
Bundy on a Sundy
Bundy on a Sundy
Been a Bundy kind of year
Ah Bundy