Vignacourt honours Bundaberg Region leading up to Anzac Day

Vignacourt honours Bundaberg
The Bundaberg Region emblem is on display in Vignacourt, France, leading up to Anzac Day.

The Bundaberg Region emblem is on display at Vignacourt, France, in the lead-up to Anzac Day.

Mayor Jack Dempsey has thanked the Commune de Vignacourt for the respect and honour.

The village is the home of the Lost Diggers Photographic collection where more than 4000 glass photographic plates were rediscovered in a barn in 2010, including pictures of Thomas and William See from Childers.

The Bundaberg Region and Vignacourt are linked by a Friendship Agreement.

“There is a strong bond between the Bundaberg Region and Vignacourt. I thank the commune authorities and people for this sincere gesture,” Mayor Dempsey said.