Swimming kangaroo surprises fisherman


A swimming kangaroo surprised Bundaberg fisherman Isaac Schipper at Coonarr Creek on Saturday morning.

Isaac said what he thought was a large log turned out to be a swimming kangaroo.

“I first saw it in the distance and as I got closer I could make out a head bobbing up and down in the water,” he said.

“Then I realised what it was.”

Swimming kangaroo at Coonarr Creek.
A swimming kangaroo at Coonarr Creek.

Isaac said the kangaroo was quite large and was powering through the water.

“It was swimming strongly,” he said.

“I watched it make its way to the riverbank where it dried itself off and hopped away.”

“It would have swum about 30 metres before it reached the bank.”

Isaac captured footage of the animal encounter from his tinny.

“I knew kangaroos could swim but to actually see it was pretty amazing,” he said.

Kangaroos are excellent swimmers

According to Bush Heritage Australia, kangaroos are excellent swimmers.

The large marsupials use their tails to propel through the water.

If threatened while swimming, they can use their front paws to drown pursuers.