Alleged art scam brushes Bundaberg

Artist Noel Wood daughter Ann Grocott has raised an alleged art scam.
Ann Grocott (centre) at her Bloodline exhibition in Bundaberg.

The Bundaberg daughter of prominent Australian artist Noel Wood has questioned the authenticity of several works purportedly by her father that were scheduled to be auctioned in Melbourne.

Ann Grocott raised concerns with the auction house that at least 16 of 54 paintings catalogued to be auctioned were fakes and not her late father’s work.

Ms Grocott said she had the paintings in her possession. Police in Melbourne visited the Leonard Joel auction house at South Yarra in relation to the allegations.

Bundaberg Regional Galleries has exhibited works by Noel Wood and Ms Grocott and has an original Noel Wood work in its possession.

In 2017, the Bloodline exhibition featured works by Grocott (born 1938), Thomas Wood 1855-1937 (her great-grandfather), Rex Wood 1906-1970 (uncle) and Noel Wood 1912-2001 (father).

Canefields and Clouds by artist Noel Wood, Bundaberg Regional Galleries collection.
Canefields and Clouds by Noel Wood, Bundaberg Regional Galleries collection.

Council’s Community and Cultural Services portfolio spokesman said the Bundaberg gallery's painting, titled “Canefields and Clouds”, was a valued part of the collection.

“Works by noted Australian artists are greatly prized and Council has ensured the security of this and other prominent works within its collection,” she said.

“Council artwork is obtained through a rigorous process in line with policy.”

Other art experts have also questioned the authenticity of many of the Noel Wood paintings being offered at the auction.

A spokesperson for the auction house confirmed that the paintings would not proceed to auction until family members had been consulted. He said the family had provided sufficient information to warrant further investigation.


  1. I’d like to make contact with Ms Grocott as i had the special privilege of visiting her dad on Baderra in 1976. It was only for a day, but it was memorable, & his personality & lifestyle made great impression on me.

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