Agrotrend Strongman competitors show true grit

Husband and wife take out powerful competition

Agrotrend strongman competitors
Strongman competitors Sean Maher, Jackson Ramsay, Blake Hornbrook, Andrew Somers, Beci Turner, Karen Nankivell, Hannah Nankivell and Rachael Maher flex their muscles after the Agrotrend 2019 event.

A mix of determination, sweat and concentration set on the faces of the men and women in this year’s Strongman and Tractor Pull competition at Agrotrend.

In its third year there were eight individuals bidding for the trophy across four events.

3bz Fitness director Blake Hornbrook organised and competed in the event that pushed athletes to the edge.

Some competitors took to the challenges like they were eating piece of cake, while others seemed as if they had bitten off more than they could chew.

The atmosphere was kept lighthearted as Blake egged each one on to push through the pain and succeed.

Agrotrend Strongman competitors:

  • For the men: Andrew Somers, Sean Maher, Jackson Ramsay and Blake Hornbrook
  • For the women: Beci Turner, Karen Nankivell, Hannah Nankivell and Rachael Maher

The four events:

  • Log lifts in 60 sec: Male 70kg/Female 40kg
  • 30m Farmers carry: Male 135kg/Female 75kg
  • Atlas stone carry in 60 sec: Male 60kg/Female 40kg
  • Six tyre flips for time: Male large tyre/Female medium tire.

The winners:

It's not every day you can enjoy married life and exercise at the same time, but for this year's winners it seems you can.

Agrotrend Strongman Sean Maher powers through the log lifts.
Strongman Sean Maher powers through the log lifts.

As husband and wife, Sean and Rachael Maher took out pole position in the Strongman event.

Taking out the male trophy this year was Sean whose tattooed biceps bulged as he conquered each feat with ease.

And Rachael showed what she was made of, taking out the women's title.

Rachael Maher tackles the log lift in the Agrotrend Strongman competition.
Rachael Maher tackles the log lift in the Strongman competition.

Blake said most of the competitors had experience in the gym; that's vital to know how much each person could handle before taking on the challenge.

What is Strongman?

The most famous Strongman competitions are the World's Strongest Man, the Arnold Strongman Classic, the Strongman Champions League and the Giants Live tour.

In the 19th century, the term strongman referred to an exhibitor of strength or similar circus performers who displayed feats of strength.

Strength sports then codified into its own categories such as weightlifting, power-lifting and as a result strongman became its own specified category in strength sports.

Wait, there's just one more thing

After the competitors spent their energy Blake had one final challenge, the tractor pull.

However, more strength was required.

Enlisting the help of Agrotrend visitors, the athletes summoned the power to drag a tractor from one end of the field of competition to the other in a true feat of strength, and teamwork.

Strongman competitors and onlookers help in the tractor pull event at Agrotrend.

Blake hopes events like this will spark more interest from locals wanting to take their strength to the step and compete.