Students will rock you with Queen-inspired musical

Bundaberg North State High School students are excited to perform.
Bundaberg North State High School rehearse for We Will Rock You.

Get ready to rock, Bundaberg!

The sounds of Queen will echo through Bundaberg North State High School hall when the musical ‘We Will Rock You' takes centre stage this weekend.

Students are getting ready to perform after months of practice, with their high-energy show sure to have you belting out all of the classic hits made famous by Freddy Mercury.

“The musical features the songs of Queen and a fantastic cast of very energetic and talented students from Year 7 to Year 12,” Drama teacher Sue Latimer said.

“The students have been rehearsing for four months and are keen to present this exciting musical.”

Ms Latimer said the musical was based on “a time when the world is dominated by media technology and live music becomes a threat to the marketing machine”.

“It is all about the isolating effect of technology and the need for kids to make live music,” she said.

“It finishes when live music becomes central again to the communal experience with Bohemian Rhapsody a focal point in the story line.”

Bundaberg North State High School rehearse for We Will Rock You.

Rock music a highlight

Ms Latimer said about 50 students were involved in the production, with plenty of zany characters and eclectic song-choices featured throughout.

“This musical was chosen in particular because of the fantastic music and the recent revival of Queen through the feature film,” she said.

“The songs are performed by some very exciting characters including ‘Galileo’, ‘Killer Queen’ and ‘Scaramouche’. 

The performances begin 7 pm on Friday 24 May and Saturday 25 May at the Bundaberg North SHS Hall, with tickets available at the door $10 adults and $5 students.

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