Shed and building conference updates industry

Mayor Jack Dempsey and McHugh Steel director Rob McHugh on a factory tour held during the two day Shed and Building conference
Mayor Jack Dempsey and McHugh Steel director Rob McHugh on a factory tour during the two-day Shed and Building conference

McHugh Steel hosted a Shed and Building Conference to keep local builders up to date with the latest Queensland Building and Construction Commission legislation.

Director Rob McHugh said while they had hosted conferences in the past, last week's event was the first time the company had offered a forum that encompassed shed suppliers and local builders.

“We have a lot of builders we supply building material to,” Mr McHugh said.

“We wanted to have one big event to include everyone.

“The aim of the event was basically to provide information on new legislation and changes in the building industry. That was first and foremost the most important factor.

“We wanted to inform everyone about those changes because there are serious fines if you don’t comply.”

The conference also provided networking opportunities and an opportunity for McHugh’s out-of-town resellers to view the Bundaberg factory and enjoy the region.

Visitors were able to tour the Bundaberg Rum Distillery and Mammino’s Ice Cream and the menu at each function featured local food and drink.

“We’ve had a few people say they’ve never even been to Bundaberg.”

Mayor Jack Dempsey said the event was a great credit to the team at McHugh Steel.

“The conference highlighted a great local business that is providing solutions with the latest technology and equipment,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“It was an opportunity to showcase the region and share our expertise.

“It was great to see the pride of a local business owner during a tour of the factory.

“From starting with one simple machine to today having a full production facility and dreams to expand in to the future.”

McHugh Steel established in 1992

McHugh Steel was established in 1992 as Outback Sheds then McHugh Constructions and finally as McHugh Steel by Robert McHugh & Sonja Pressler-McHugh.

They have been a huge part of the steep evolution as the company is Australian and family owned.

Their main aim is to provide Queensland with personalised constructions and meet their customers needs.