Morgahna Godwin’s health app poised for global release

Small Business Week celebrates success

Small Business Week special guests Morgahna Godwin and Geoff Augutis at The Generator.
Small Business Week special guests Morgahna Godwin and Geoff Augutis at The Generator.

Small Business Week wrapped up in Bundaberg today with presentations by app developer Morgahna Godwin and tech guru Geoff Augutis.

Celebrating local small businesses, The Generator hosted another open-door learning experience today with two special guests who are using innovation to power their ideas.

One of those guests featured was Morgahna Godwin, creator of the phone app called Manage Endo.

Ms Godwin has worked on projects in amazing places around the world including New York, Dubai, Shanghai and Los Angeles.

However, a battle with the life-altering symptoms of endometriosis has seen the graphic designer delve deep into world of coding and tech start-ups in pursuit of a better way to track and manage those symptoms.

“I started by teaching myself to code and really immersing myself in the chronic illness space,” she said.

“I had a bit of an intimate background with the disease and just applied my tech skills that I taught myself to help manage the disease.

“I am now in the process of growing my company while helping 176 million women who have endo.”

What is endometriosis?

Ms Godwin said endometriosis occurs when tissue similar to the lining of the uterus grows in places outside of the uterus.

Many women deal with life-altering symptoms, side effects, and repercussions, including (but certainly not limited to): infertility, chronic pain, dysmenorrhea, interstitial cystitis, dyspareunia, anxiety, depression, and multiple surgeries.

It's estimated that 176 million women worldwide suffer from endometriosis.

Currently, Ms Godwin said her app, Manage Endo, was in its final testing stage.

“At the moment we have 180 beta testers and we are just looking at what type of variables we can track for them to better understand their symptoms,” she said.

“Then we make suggestions about what they can perhaps do to better help their symptoms.”

Geoff Augutis: Queensland Computers

Queensland Computers co-owner and Bundaberg Now columnist Geoff Augutis was also on the Small Business Week panel and discussed how his company had to evolve quickly to keep up with the pace of change.

Rather than technology being his main innovation focus, Mr Augutis said it was in fact people and culture that was a driving force behind his business.

“Innovation is our industry, it's part of our every day operation,” he said.

“In our company it's probably more about the people and the culture than it is about technology.”

Mr Augutis said education was at the heart of his business.

“It is part of our mission statement to empower through the use of technology,” he said.

“If we are not teaching people we are essentially deploying technology that is likely going to fail.”

Queensland Small Business Week (QSBW) 2019 from 27-31 May celebrates the small businesses who make a vital contribution to our state's economy and play an important role in each region and community across Queensland.