Gin Gin Show pavilion draws bumper crowds

Gin Gin Show pavilion fruit section winner Gayle Blasco.
Gin Gin Show pavilion fruit section winner Gayle Blasco.

The main pavilion at the Gin Gin Show was overflowing with prize-winning goods today, with entry numbers up from previous years in most categories.

Gayle Blasco offered up some fine pickings in the fruit section at the event taking out first place for lime, passionfruit and dragonfruit.

“I enter every year and I usually get a couple of prizes,” Gayle said.

“It’s nice just to win anything. In the past I’ve gotten champion and that’s always nice.”

Living on acreage not far from town she said there was never any shortage of options, having entered in most categories before.

“We just grow the fruit and whatever fruit happens to be available I just go and pick and enter it,” she said.

“We do a fair bit of gardening and baking and craft.”

Gayle said her passionfruit won because it was juicy and full.

“Sometimes when you open up a passionfruit there’s not much in it,” she said.

“It might look nice on the outside but it’s always what’s inside that is the thing.

“That’s why they always cut them to open them up to see whether they’re juicy or whether they’re dry.”

Entries up in pavilion at Gin Gin Show

Gin Gin Show pavilion steward Kate Shaw assisted the chief steward Connie Dyke to prepare the pavilion and said it was a good turnout.

“You can see by the vegetables here, what a display, it’s just excellent,” Kate said.

She said pavilion entries in the woodworking and craft sections were also up on last year.

“The last two or three years … we’ve had bumper crowds and I think people have just thought I can do that, I’ll have a go and it’s just raised the enthusiasm of everyone in the area.”

She said there had also been great participation from the schools, including a war memorial artwork display.

This year’s Gin Gin Show pavilion display carried the theme “when bees thrive, we all thrive” which Kate said had been well received. 

“We’ll keep going with a theme every year because we’ve found this year that it’s really enthused everybody.”