Footy fever: Will Queensland take the cupcake?

Blue or maroon- which cupcakes will come out on top?
Blue or maroon: which cupcakes will come out on top?

Do big tough rugby league players eat cupcakes? Of course they do!

Can Queensland make better cupcakes than New South Wales? Of course we can!

In the lead-up to State of Origin the Bundaberg Health Services Foundation is hosting the cupcake challenge, and it’s not just any challenge, it’s the cane toads versus the cockroaches.

And appropriate to the theme, the referee’s decision will be announced at Thirst Aid Café at Bundaberg Hospital at an event with local footballers, pom pom cheer leaders and more.

It’s going to be visually spectacular, with players from all four local rugby league clubs, pom pom cheer leaders from Bundaberg Dance Studios, colourful cupcakes and more.

Proceeds from the challenge will aid the Children’s Ward at the Hospital and Give Me Five for Kids.

And to top it off, the whole spectacular event will be filmed by Juiced TV.

What is it?

Juiced TV is an exciting new way for children in hospitals to communicate and learn about the world.

Each week the Juiced TV team create a new program by and for children about a range of topics, and next week the Juiced team will be in Bundaberg allowing local patients to show them around their town and getting the flavour of Bundy.

They’ll be at the challenge, and their coverage will be hosted by a young local patient.

Event details

  • What – the State of Origin Cupcake Challenge
  • When – Wednesday, 5 June at 10am
  • Where – Thirst Aid Café, Bundaberg Hospital

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