The Push Up Challenge: Have you got what it takes?

The Push Up Challenge can be done anywhere!
The Push Up Challenge can be done anywhere!

It's a challenge that will have you working on your arms, abs and your mind and it's about to begin in Bundaberg.

Headspace Bundaberg is urging everyone to get involved with The Push Up Challenge, a yearly fundraising event that encourages people to get fit, have fun and support mental health.

“It's also a fun, social way to raise money for your local headspace centre, while boosting your own physical and mental well-being,” community and youth engagement officer Cristel Simmonds said.

Over the course of 21 days Cristel said participants would be challenged individually or as a team to complete 3128 push-ups, representing the number of lives lost in Australia due to mental health issues last year.

“The daily amount changes from day to day to keep you on your toes,” she said.

“The more teams, the more we can get our community involved, the more money we can raise, the more support we can offer our local young people who need our help.”

Cristel said it was easy to create or join a team.

“Just go to to either register yourself to a team or create a team,” she said.

“The Push Up Challenge runs 8-28 July, plenty of time to recruit and build some energy!”

Push Up Challenge: How it works

Each day, the target number of push-ups to complete will reflect a different statistic relevant to mental health in Australia.

“For example, 45 push-ups to recognise the percentage of Australians who will experience a mental health condition over their lifetime,” Cristel said.

“Keep track of how you and your friends are going with a tracker you will be offered when registering.

“Throughout the challenge you’ll receive daily tips from headspace National to build awareness and learn of ways we can support ourselves and each other towards better mental health.”

Cristel said pushups could be completed any time and any place; at home, at the park, while waiting for the kettle to boil or wherever you like.

“Spread your push-ups out over the day, some just after you wake up, another bunch just before lunch and you'll smash out the daily target in no time,” she said.

“C’mon Bundy let’s all join in the challenge; together we can build mental health awareness and help others.”

The fundraising part

Funds raised by teams in Bundaberg will go directly to headspace Bundaberg if you donate through their local lead agency, United Synergies.

“Fundraising is an awesome idea but it’s totally up to you. If it’s not your jam, we understand. If it is, sweet, you will be supporting the mental health of young Australians,” Cristel said.

“There is no set rule for fundraising, but of course we appreciate your efforts and we’ve come up with some ideas that you can adopt.

“From each team member donating $10 to sign up, or $1 per team member per day of the challenge, however you want to donate is up to you.”

You can donate online through United Synergies at

Please use reference “bundypushups” as your surname on your donation form.

Or you can keep the dollars raised and hand it over to headspace Bundaberg at the end of the challenge.

To find out more, contact the team at or go to the website or Facebook page.