New pump improves Moore Park Beach water pressure

Cr Jason Bartels inspects the new pump system installed to take over from the Moore Park Beach water tower was providing more reliable water pressure.
Cr Jason Bartels inspects the new pump system installed to take over from the Moore Park Beach watertower.

Moore Park Beach residents now have more constant and reliable water pressure thanks to a modern new pump system taking over from the old watertower last week.

Water services portfolio spokesperson and divisional councillor Cr Jason Bartels said the watertower was decommissioned and he was confident residents have noticed an immediate improvement.

“Previously, when water was supplied from the outdated water tower, there were fluctuations in pressure,” Cr Bartels said.

“Feedback from residents revealed that, more often than not, the water pressure was inadequate.

“Now that water is being supplied solely through the booster pumps the pressure will remain stable.

“Staff have been constantly reviewing the water pressure readings since the pumps came online with significantly improved results.”

Cr Bartels said the pumps would continue to provide increased water pressure which residents would notice over time.

“The pressure will be gradually increased over coming months which will limit any potential pipe damage from a sudden increase in pressure,” he said.

Cr Bartels said the new Moore Park Beach pump system project was a credit to Council’s water services team.

“This upgrade was a major project which included the installation of the new pump set, a new switchboard and pipework alterations inside the pump station,” he said.

“It has been delivered well within budget because Council’s technical staff were able to carry out a lot of the work in-house.

“This is a great result for the entire community and really showcases the skills and talent of our workforce.”

While the water tower has been decommissioned it’s set to remain in place and function as a communications tower.