Budding Gin Gin scientist bound for London

Keziah Mitchell science forum
Keziah Mitchell has been selected to attend the London International Youth Science Forum.

Gin Gin State High School captain Keziah Mitchell is one of just 30 students selected to represent Australia at the London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF) next month.

Bundaberg Regional Council has thrown its support behind the trip, offering $500 in financial support towards expenses and travel.

For 17-year-old Keziah, who has been interested in science for as long as she can remember, it’s the trip of a lifetime.

“There’s around 500 students who attend from all around the world,” Keziah said.

“There’s lots of lectures with famous scientists and going around to the different science museums and centres and labs, getting a look-in to actual scientific projects and research that scientists are doing currently.”

Mayor Jack Dempsey said Council was pleased to support Keziah as she represents the Bundaberg Region at this international event.

“It’s a fantastic achievement to see a young Gin Gin student handpicked from hundreds of young people throughout Australia and we’re proud to be able to support Keziah in her trip,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“Council has been very vocal in its goal to help develop STEM education, including investigating the establishment of a Challenger Center.

“It’s fantastic to see our younger generation acting as STEM ambassadors not just here in the region but throughout Australia and the world.”

It was difficult for Keziah to narrow it down to any one thing she was excited about for the science forum.


“Even meeting all of the other kids from around the world who have similar interests and the same passions as me and working together to come up with solutions for the world.”

While she already knows many of the Australian students heading to London through the National Youth Science Forum held in Canberra earlier this year, Keziah has also touched based with other attendees throughout the world.

“I’ve already talked to one of the kids going from Zimbabwe and he’s actually developed a biofuel to come up with electricity and power for his tribal village.

“I’m very excited to meet him.”

Keziah Mitchell has been selected to attend the London International Youth Science Forum
Keziah Mitchell has been selected to attend the London International Youth Science Forum

Keziah has love for science

Keziah has selected a big Year 12 workload which includes physics, biology and chemistry.

“I’m just very curious about how the world works and how everything is made,” she said.

“I like all types of science but my favourite would by physics and biology.

“I really enjoy plant biology. My dream job would be in astrobiology or astrophysics.”
She said she wanted to contribute to helping the human race to move in to the space age.

“I definitely want to come up with solutions for the planet and the future.

“Even just contributing to the data and research for future generations. Anything I can do in my lifetime to help would be good.”

Keziah said she was surprised and excited to be selected for the science forum.

“I didn’t expect to get in.

“I’m just very passionate about coming up with solutions and problem solving.

“I think it’s a great opportunity to collaborate with other kids from around the world from every culture.”

Keziah has started a crowdfunding page to help fund the trip which is estimated to cost about $7000.