Mulching tips from region’s gardening guru

Bundaberg Regional Council's Diane Southwell is a mulching master.
Bundaberg Regional Council's Diane Southwell is a mulching maestro.

Bundaberg Region's Diane Southwell has a passion for gardening and has many tips up her sleeve.

In her role as specialised labourer, Diane is a source of knowledge and gives green thumbs some advice on how to best utilise garden “leftovers”.

According to the local gardening guru, there are many benefits to organic gardening and permaculture.

After her last discussion on social garlic, Diane is moving on to the gardening tips and tricks of mulching.

“A lot of people tend to rake their garden of their leaves when they have finished hedging,” she said.

“…an easier way is to rake it under the shrub you have pruned.

“You won't see the clippings and if you do they go brown and make a mulch for you. As it breaks down it feeds the worms and it feeds the plants.”

Gardening tips: Why mulch?

Mulch is a layer of material applied to the surface of soil that used for a variety of reasons including conservation of soil moisture and improving soil health.

Mulching can also reduce weed growth and enhancing the visual appeal of the area.

Diane said mulch was an important part of the growth of any garden.

“Mulch can create a whole life cycle for your plants just by sitting there and breaking down,” she said.

“It can do a lot of the work for you.”

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