Secret to creamy Nana’s Pantry gelato revealed


If you’ve ever wondered how Nana’s Pantry gets its gelato so creamy you probably wouldn’t have guessed their secret is pasteurising local milk on site.

Dozens of delicious gelato flavours will be available from the Nana’s Pantry stall at this year’s Bundy Flavours to be held on Saturday, 6 July.

Owner Leisa Storey said she tried gelato on a trip to Melbourne and knew it was something people in the Bundaberg Region would love.

“We use all the local Baffle milk and cream and all the local fruits that we can get hold of to make the best product that we can,” Leisa said.

“We get the Baffle milk in raw and we pasteurise it here so it’s a whole process.

“We’re really utilising a great local product here and it definitely makes the gelato more creamy.”

Nana's Pantry gelato
Nana's Pantry gelato is made with Baffle milk, pasteurised on site.

The flavours are constantly rotated with between 36 and 40 flavours available at any one time but Leisa said the one constant is the use of local ingredients.

“It’s amazing the local products we have out there, I think sometimes people don’t realise what an amazing range of products that we have.

“To support our local farmers is fabulous, you know if we can get behind our local farmers, our local businesses, I think it makes a great community.”

With so many delicious local flavour combinations it was hard for Leisa to pick a favourite.

“At the moment macadamia and ginger but the most popular is definitely the Bundy rum and raisin.”

Nana’s Pantry gelato a Bundy Flavours stalwart

Leisa said Nana’s Pantry had been a Bundy Flavours stallholder since the very beginning.

“It’s such a great event, it just showcases all the amazing products that Bundy has to offer.

“I’ll walk around and I’ll be surprised at local products, for us it’s more products we can sell in our shop and we always try to have the local products in the shop. It’s just a great place to show off what Bundy has.

“All the produce is just fabulous. I mean you can get everything you need there to cook for a week or a day or a meal it’s just amazing.”

Nana’s recipes inspire business

Nana’s Pantry has been a part of the Bundaberg Region business landscape for 16 years.

“I suppose we started Nana’s Pantry because every time I went to my Nanas place I’d walk into her house and it was a wondrous sort of adventure into her kitchen.

“You never knew what you’d find, there was always the best smells and food was a real pleasure.

“So I suppose I wanted to create something where people could buy the ingredients to make things that were a pleasure.

“Food for me is sharing and family so I suppose that’s why we started Nana’s.”

Other stallholders featured at the event include Well Goodness Me and Kadilly Coffee.

Bundy Flavours will provide plenty of interest for those interested in cooking with demonstrations from celebrity chefs and the Barbecues Galore Grill Station.