Ghana High Commissioner visits Bundaberg

Ghana High Commissioner
Mayor Jack Dempsey welcomes the High Commissioner for Ghana, Edwin N Adjei, to Bundaberg.

The High Commissioner for Ghana is visiting businesses in the Bundaberg Region after accepting an invitation from Mayor Jack Dempsey.

Mayor Dempsey welcomed His Excellency, Edwin N Adjei, at the Airport this evening.

“It’s a great honour the High Commissioner has chosen to make his first official regional visit to Bundaberg,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“Ghana is a member of the Commonwealth with a growing economy that’s made it a regional power in West Africa.

“Ghana is looking to become self-sufficient in sugar production to reduce imports and this visit provides a wonderful opportunity for economic links to be established with Bundaberg.”

Ghana established a national sugar policy in 2015 when imports peaked as the country’s eighth most valuable product and the fourth largest food import after rice, fish and poultry.

The High Commissioner’s itinerary includes a visit to Canetec in Bundaberg to see harvesting equipment.

He will also visit local farming and distilling operations.

Mr Adjei was appointed as Ghana's High Commissioner in 2017 after postings to Namibia, the Czech Republic, China, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom.

He was previously a senior public servant in Ghana.