The Mousetrap to capture Playhouse audience

Legendary whodunnit hits Bundaberg stage

The Mousetrap at the Playhouse Theatre
This image is in no way an indication of murderer or victim, merely a funny photo to get publicity … you'll have to head along to the Playhouse Theatre to check out The Mousetrap to know what really happens!

The Mousetrap is the longest-running play in London’s West End and it's about to make its debut in at the Playhouse Theatre in August.

The Mousetrap was first presented at London’s West End on November 25, 1952 and has run continuously ever since.

It has become the longest-running play in the history of London’s West End, with the 25,000th performance taking place on 18 November 2012.

Bundaberg theatre goers will have the chance to see this legendary Agatha Christie play presented by Bundaberg Players for five performances on 2, 3, 9, 10 August at 7.30pm and a matinee on Sunday, 4 August at 3pm.

Director Tracie Faithfull said it was a classic whodunnit that would have Bundaberg audiences entranced.

“The Mousetrap centres on a group of strangers stranded in a boarding house during a snowstorm, one of whom is a murderer,” Tracie said.

“The suspects include the newly married couple who run the house, and the suspicions that play on their minds nearly wreck their perfect marriage.

“Others are a spinster with a curious background, an architect who seems better equipped to be a chef, a retired army major, a strange little man who claims his car has overturned in a drift and a magistrate who makes life miserable for everyone.”

Tracie said into their midst comes a policeman, travelling on skis, to investigate a murder in the district. He no sooner arrives, when one of the group is murdered.

In true Agatha Christie style, to get to the rationale of the murderer's pattern, the policeman probes the background of everyone present, and rattles a lot of skeletons.

“It will have the audience guessing until the end and we will be continuing the tradition from the London performance, asking for a promise from the audience … to keep the secret of the whodunit.” Tracie said.

The Bundaberg production features three of Bundaberg Players’ most experienced actors: Sherry Barnes, Nigel Dick and Phillip Fresta and welcomes some of the company’s up-and-coming stars: Timothy Greig, Tayla Little, Jacob Treloar, Rhys Williams and Ally Wilson.

Tracie said it promised to be a great night out and encouraged the community to head along to check it out.

“I am delighted with our cast and backstage crew, and trust audiences will love our production of The Mousetrap – and keep their promise not to reveal the identity of the murderer,” she said.

Tickets are $22 for adults and $19 for concessions and groups of 10 or more.

Bookings opened on 14 July and patrons can book online or at the Playhouse Theatre Box Office, or by phoning 4153 1904 from 10am until noon on Saturdays and Sundays.