Bundaberg Airport best for on-time departures

Bundaberg Airport departures performance
Bundaberg Airport has the best on-time performance in Australia according to latest aviation statistics.

Bundaberg Airport had the best on-time departures performance in Australia during June according to the latest aviation statistics.

The monthly Transport Department report shows Bundaberg led the nation with 91.8 per cent of flights leaving on time.

Bundaberg was second behind Emerald for on-time arrivals at 90.4 per cent.

The Bundaberg-Brisbane route was the seventh most reliable in Australia for on-time performance.

Bundaberg Regional Council airport portfolio spokesman Cr Greg Barnes welcomed the latest aviation statistics as showing “strong on-time departures performance” at Bundaberg Airport.

“These results are a credit to the airport staff who work hard to make everything run as smoothly as possible,” he said.

“Bundaberg Airport is well designed; it’s easy to park, check-in and board. These things all contribute to getting aircraft away on time.”

Cr Barnes said occasionally other factors also influence on-time performance and some of these are totally beyond the airport’s control such as bad weather and delays elsewhere affecting the network.

“Council has worked with the airlines to optimise the efficiency of their turnarounds, which has delivered for the community,” he said.

“In 2015 Qantas named Bundaberg as its most outstanding regional airport and the June figures show that we continue to deliver.”

On-time performance is reported for Australian domestic routes for which the passenger load averaged 8000 or more passengers per month over the previous six months and where two or more airlines operated in competition on those routes.

Port Macquarie Airport recorded the lowest percentage of on-time arrivals (68.8 per cent) and Ayers Rock Airport recorded the lowest percentage of on-time departures (50 per cent).

Bundaberg was third for on-time departures in May 2019 behind Newman and Kalgoorlie in Western Australia.