Composting business grows in Bundaberg Region

NuGrow is progressing plans to expand in to the Bundaberg Region with its Tardas Road, Childers composting facility. Source: NuGrow
NuGrow is progressing plans to expand into the Bundaberg Region with its Tardas Road, Childers, composting facility. Source: NuGrow

With three recycling facilities located throughout the state, NuGrow is keen to start its expansion into the Bundaberg Region with a new Childers composting site.

NuGrow recently lodged an operational works application with Bundaberg Regional Council seeking approval to start work on the facility on Tardas Road.

Chief strategy officer Peter Thompson said Bundaberg was a logical choice for NuGrow’s next facility which he hoped would be up and running by July 2020, if not sooner.

“Bundaberg was the perfect location for our next facility,” Mr Thompson said.

“It’s a new market for us in a region that has strong agricultural and industrial sectors.

“The lack of commercial recycled organics solutions for the Bundaberg region means we can add real value in environmental, social and economic terms and that’s exciting for our team.

“The operational works include various on-site construction activities to bring the site up to the high standards NuGrow holds for all of our recycling facilities.

“If approved, we plan to go out to tender for those construction packages in the coming months.”

NuGrow was granted a development approval for the Childers composting facility in 2018 to generate up to 30,000 tonnes of soil conditioning material.

Mr Thompson said the facility would enable locally generated waste streams to be diverted from landfill and converted into beneficial, safe, high-quality composts and soil conditioners.

“Those products will, in turn, be supplied to local agriculture and landscape providers to help regenerate soil and encourage more productive land.

“We’re looking forward to offering sustainable, reliable and professional solutions for local organisations.”

NuGrow Childers to supply agricultural industry

Mr Thompson said NuGrow’s finished products were used to rehabilitate degraded land, as a soil conditioner for agricultural enterprises, as a growing medium for the landscape industry and for revegetation on infrastructure projects.

“The high-grade composts and soil conditioners manufactured in Bundaberg will be available for commercial customers to purchase in bulk from our facility.

“We are also exploring retail partnerships for customers looking to purchase NuGrow’s products in smaller quantities.”

NuGrow already has recycling facilities in Ipswich, Rockhampton and the Western Downs.

“NuGrow was founded nearly 20 years ago to fill a gap in the market for high-quality compost that could improve agricultural outcomes.

“Our focus is providing competitive, tailored waste management and revegetation solutions, driven by our purpose of healthier environments, supporting healthier communities.

“We’re proud to be recognised as a leader in the State for recycling and revegetation.”

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