Books for Kids give Bargara State School more stories

Dymocks Books for Kids
Tommy Zunker has a passion for books like Morris Gleitzman's Extra Time at Bargara State School Library.

If you would like to help Bargara State School students like Tommy Zunker dive into the world of Morris Gleitzman’s Extra Time then go to Dymocks Bundaberg from Saturday and buy a book in support of the Books for Kids campaign.

Bargara State School was chosen by Dymocks Bundaberg staff as the beneficiary of its Books for Kids fundraising campaign, which means $1 from every children’s book sold during 3-11 August will be donated to the school to provide new books for the school library.

By buying your book from Dymocks Bundaberg during this week you will help 448 Bargara State School students have access to the best-selling authors, and a range of current new books that every child wants to read.

Dymocks Children’s Charities general manager Terri Martin said Bargara State School was recognised by the local staff as a deserving school.

Terri said the campaign’s aim was to help the school build a robust library, full of adventure, mystery, drama and most importantly excitement, and she said the school would be able to choose from more than 2000 books now available at the local Dymocks store.

Hailey Randell, Tommy Zunker and Makyla Thompson love their reading at Bargara State School Library.
Hailey Randell, Tommy Zunker and Makyla Thompson love their reading at Bargara State School Library.

“The campaign is in its third year and we have raised $180,000 worth of books in the last two years and we were able to help 20,000 students,” she said.

“The school will choose what books it wants to add to its library after the campaign; I’m not talking about second-hand books or older books, if the school wants best-sellers it will get best-sellers.”

She said the literacy boost from Books for Kids campaign would help regenerate Bargara State School’s library and it was perfect timing as it was held in the lead up to Book Week from 17-23 August.

“The more books sold, the more money raised for your school,” she said.

Books for Kids is a library regeneration program, which helps improve students’ literacy by offering a wide range of high quality books, provides access to all students and promotes daily reading for pleasure.

For more information pop into Dymocks at 95 Bourbong St from Saturday.

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