Elliott Heads State School choir sing their hearts out


Elliott Heads State School choir proved this week that a small school can have a big voice when they excelled at the Bundaberg Regional Eisteddfod Schools Competition.

The Moncrieff Entertainment Centre has been hosting the three-day event, which incorporates schools performing in music, speech and drama.

Elliott Heads State School competed in the choral section under the guidance of music teacher Michael Buckholz, with their choir belting out The Little Boat Song and Papaya which earned them second place.

Teacher Kelly Brown said the students were ecstatic with their success.

“I think it is pretty special for a little school like Elliott Heads,” she said.

“We are a small school beginners choir, made up of all ages from Year 1 to Year 6.”

Elliott Heads State School choir
Elliott Heads State School came second in the Bundaberg Regional Eisteddfod schools competition 2019 choral section.

Elliott Heads State School embraces choir

Mrs Brown said although Elliott Heads State School was small, their enthusiasm was massive.

“We have 114 students in our whole school and about half of them are in the choir,” she said.

“We take everybody, it doesn't matter if they can sing or can't sing, everybody gets involved.

“We are pretty proud of our little school.”


  1. Congratulations to Bundaberg Now for the wonderful coverage of the eisteddfod this year. It’s a breath of fresh air to have you and your community mindedness on board. Thank you to the Bundaberg Regional council too for addressing the massive need of publicity for community groups who support Bundaberg Regional youth.

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