Local Worcestershire Sauce in demand at Bucca Hotel

The sauce that is so good it had to be bottled

Bucca Hotel worcestershire sauce Bucca Black
Bucca Hotel owner Ron Kadel has mastered making Worcestershire Sauce Bucca Black, which he says goes perfectly with a rump steak and chips.

The Bucca Hotel's publican Ron Kadel has a secret Worcestershire Sauce recipe on his top shelf — one that is so good he is finding it hard to keep up with demand for bottles of the Bucca Black.

Ron started brewing the Worcestershire Sauce for patrons at The Bucca Hotel a few months ago and almost immediately the customers requested to buy bottles to take home with them.

That’s when Ron thought he'd better crank up the boiler and produce more of the black fermented condiment; he also created the Bucca Black branding to go along with the Worcestershire Sauce bottle.

“For about five years I would brew and boil it, then keep it for myself — I just love it,” Ron said.

“But then everybody who tried it fell in love with it, and so I brewed about 10 litres at a time and found I was just giving it away – so then I thought maybe I should get some labels made up and sell it to anyone who liked it enough to take home – now I’m finding it hard to keep up with it all.”

Ron said he has been told that some customers enjoyed it so much, “they would eat it for every meal and even on their cereal!”

“I don’t have too many meals without it I’m afraid, but I don’t put it on my cereal!” Ron laughed.

Mum's the word on unique recipe

Bucca Hotel Bucca Black Worcestershire sauce
Bucca Hotel owner Ron Kadel has mastered making Worcestershire Sauce from a secret recipe and is trying to keep up with demand for the popular Bucca Black condiment.

Ron said it was nice to know people enjoyed the Worcestershire Sauce that was made on site at The Bucca Hotel, but he remained tight lipped about giving out the recipe.

“The ingredients are listed on the bottle and that’s all I can tell you,” the publican said.

“Some recipes have anchovies. This one doesn’t but there are a lot of different recipes out there; mine has plum jam in it and that’s all I can say about that – better keep it like Colonel Sanders I think.”

More than just sauce draws patrons to The Bucca Hotel

With a background in the transport industry Ron purchased The Bucca Hotel in 2016 and said renovations had transformed the establishment to be larger and more family friendly.

“We have live music every Sunday out here and we've have just extended the outdoor area – both attract people to the place,” he said.

“We are always trying to have something going on out here; I’d encourage people from Bundy to come out and have a look.”

Anyone wanting to purchase the Bucca Black Worcestershire Sauce can find it at The Bucca Hotel.

“People get the taste for it and always come back for more, I’ve actually had people from Bundy message me before they come out just to make sure I have some of the Worcestershire Sauce available,” Ron said.  

“The longer you have it the better it actually tastes. Just keep it in the cupboard and let it thicken up … if it lasts that long!”