Black Spot Program upgrades Tirroan Road

Upgrades to Tirroan Road.
Upgrades to Tirroan Road are providing a major safety boost to drivers travelling in the region. The upgrades are all part of the Federal Government's Black Spot Program.

Realignment work to Tirroan Road is expected to be complete later this month, providing a major safety boost for motorists travelling in the Gin Gin area.

The need for upgrades to Tirroan Road were recognised under the Federal Government's Black Spot Program, which provides funding for projects that will reduce the risk of crashes and the social and economic costs of road trauma.

The program provided a total of $550,000 in funding to support construction of the project.

Bundaberg Regional Council’s divisional representative Cr Wayne Honor has long advocated for works on Tirroan Road and said the Gin Gin stretch had been a concern to many people.

“The project was identified through the evaluation of crash data, which is collected by the State Government,” Cr Honor said.

“This section of road had an abnormally high crash rate which has been a concern for myself as divisional representative, but also residents in the area and drivers who use that stretch of road every single day.

“Road crashes take a huge emotional toll on those directly impacted, loved ones and even the surrounding community.

“I am thankful for the Black Spot Program funding by the Federal Government and I am very pleased this project has been carried out to help minimise these tragedies from happening in our region.”

Cr Honor said a range of improvements had been made to Tirroan Road as part of the program.

“The safety improvements include horizontal and vertical geometry changes such as curve realignment, improvements to super elevation and crossfalls, widening of the existing culvert and signage upgrade,” he said.

“For a relatively low cost, this program is providing high-benefit improvements on the road network to address actual or potential crashes that lead to high severity outcomes such as fatalities, hospitalisations and more.”

Black Spot Program

As part of the Local and State Government Road Safety Package announced in the 2019-20 Budget, the Australian Government committed an additional $50 million per year from 2019-20 to the Black Spot Program.

The Government will provide $1 billion to the Black Spot Program from the 2013-14 financial year to the 2022-23 financial year, with an ongoing commitment of $110 million each year following.

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