Multikraft ready for bumper blueberry season

Mulitkraft blueberries
Multikraft Australian Biotech Agricultural Centre of Excellence part owner Jilli O'Brien with her blueberry plantings.

A Bundaberg farm is in the midst of its first blueberry season, aiming to produce 100,000 punnets of the fruit this year.

Multikraft Australian Biotech Agricultural Centre of Excellence part owner Jilli O’Brien said she had 7500 blueberry plants on their showcase farm that were currently fruiting, including four different varieties.

So far Jilli said the venture had proved extremely successful with high yields of delicious-tasting berries.

“Initially when we were picking I was a little bit concerned about flavour but as we’ve gone through the flavour now is tremendous,” Jilli said.

The blueberries are picked by hand five days a week.

“Each picker could be picking between 30kg and 40kg a day.

“We’re getting a good yield.

“Speaking to someone today we should be hitting 20 to 30 – I’m happy that we’re getting 30 and above.”

The Multikraft blueberries are then packed by hand on site.

“That keeps the bloom on the outside which is where a lot of the health benefit is.”

The visually impressive farming operation involves a series of tunnels that house the 7500 plants.

“It’s protected cropping which means that we have a little bit more control from weather.

“Bundaberg has the great climate for growing blueberries so we try to come in at the early start of the season before everywhere else in the country is producing,” Jilli said.

Multikraft blueberries use probiotic compost

The blueberries are treated with Multikraft’s unique probiotic compost blend.

“Which means we’re not using pesticides and fungicides.

“It’s healthier for the planet, healthier for humans.”

An intricate irrigation system placed throughout the tree crop provides a steady stream of good microbes to the blueberry plants.

“They’re constantly getting a nice little feed,” Jilli said.

“It’s reducing the use of nasty chemicals and it’s making the plants stronger and healthier, the same as when a human is using a probiotic.

“We get a better yield for us as a grower.

“It gives more nutrition which is passed on through the food chain.”