Bundaberg Armistice celebration remembered

Bundaberg Armistice celebration
The Childers Armistice celebration on 29 November 2018. Source: State Library of Queensland

Bundaberg Armistice festivities in 1918 saw people celebrate by hanging an effigy of the German ruler Kaiser Wilhelm in Alexandra Park.

Several thousand people attended the civic event, according to a report in the Brisbane Courier.

About 3000 children were entertained by the Demonstration Committee, with the Mercantile Association providing refreshments free of charge.

The Bundaberg Armistice celebration followed four long years of war in which hundreds of young men from the Bundaberg Region enlisted to serve their King and country.

Many were killed or wounded.

During the Armistice afternoon celebration there was an “execution” of an effigy of the Kaiser, “heavily manacled with a hangman's noose around the neck”.

Children marched carrying flags under the direction of Mr Blunt, the head teacher.

The Friendlies Society also marched and when the procession reached the Post Office, patriotic songs were sung “amidst wild enthusiasm and cheering”.

After singing God Save the King, the Mayor moved that all present thank providence for the glorious victory of the British Empire and its allies.

The motion was carried with wild cheering and enthusiasm.

A picnic followed at Alexandra Park. In the evening to conclude the Bundaberg Armistice celebration there were bonfires and the burning of the Kaiser's effigy.

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