Letters to Lindy offers rare glimpse into Azaria case

Letters to Lindy
Cast and crew of Letters to Lindy, which will be performed at The Playhouse in Bundaberg on Friday and Saturday.

Letters to Lindy will be performed at The Playhouse on Friday and Saturday, offering a rare glimpse into the Azaria Chamberlin story.

“Letters to Lindy” is a deeply moving play written by Lindy Chamberlin and Alana Valentine, an accomplished Australian playwright, featuring the letters that Lindy Chamberlin received during the time of her ordeal.

Director Rebecca Hutchins said it will be a rare glimpse into an incident that has affected us all.

“Lindy kept all the mail that she received, regardless of tone, and these letters are the foundation for the play,” Rebecca said.

“Some letters are sympathetic, some are quite the opposite, but give us a rare glimpse into Azaria’s disappearance, that still divides the nation.”

It is a “script in hand” performance that promises to provide a compelling night of live theatre.

It will be performed at The Playhouse on Friday, 16 August, 39 years to the day since Azaria disappeared from a camp site at Ayers Rock, and on Saturday night, 17 August.

Doors open at 6.30pm, with the play starting at 7.30. Tickets are $10, available at the door.