Wide Bay Wildlife Catchers one-stop shop

Wide Bay Wildlife Catchers website
A group of snake catchers and wildlife carers have created a local reference group, Wide Bay Wildlife Catchers, for everything creepy, crawling and furry.

A group of wildlife experts have created a local reference group, Wide Bay Wildlife Catchers, for everything creepy, crawling and furry.

Kav’s Wildlife Service’s Kyle Hancock along with Tongue to Tail Reptiles’ Leanne Wroe have created the one-stop shop of online information listing details of each local wildlife carer and catcher.

All the answers to what, who, and where for everything animal related in the Wide Bay are now found in the one online website.

All the information in one place

Wide Bay Wildlife Catchers
Kav’s Wildlife Service’s Kyle Hancock helped to set up Wide Bay Wildlife Catchers.

“We realised there was an issue with finding snake catchers listed in one place,” Kyle said.

“A few of us (wildlife catchers) were talking and we realised instead of having to send out each other’s information all the time we should have somewhere that people can access it all – in the one place.

“The information is all there, streamlined and easy to use.”

Leanne said the idea to make the Wide Bay Wildlife Catchers came about after a “weird conversation” about digital business cards that lead her to realise it was easier for her to create a website instead.

The Wide Bay Wildlife Catchers page also included information on how people can save the website to their mobile phone home screens to make sure the information is always on hand in an emergency.

“We wanted to make one place for the community to go to when they needed help with wildlife – whether it’s a snake or an injured animal,” Leanne said.

“We made it so people can directly call or message from the website – I guess because people are not normally in a sound mind when they come across a snake in their home and this way, they can access it all with a push of a button!”

Animals already on the move

Kyle said with Spring only days a way the days were getting longer, and warmer with birds preparing to mate and nest and snakes are out looking for mates.

“We have had a big increase of snakes during winter and it won’t slow down now,” Kyle said.

Leanne said most animals were getting out and about, and no matter when, where or what time of the day it was the catchers on Wide Bay Wildlife Catchers were available 24-7.

Wildlife carers and catchers from Bundaberg, Maryborough and Hervey Bay are listed on the Wide Bay Wildlife Catchers webpage, Leanne said licenced operators not listed could contact the page to be added.

“We are doing this to help the community and we may not know everyone at this stage, so they can contact us and we can add them,” Leanne said.

Leanne said the aim was to list all the services in one place for the community’s convenience.

Wildlife carers

Bundaberg area

President of the Qld Wildlife Carers Christine Wynne is listed on the Wide Bay Wildlife Catchers website.
President of the Qld Wildlife Carers Christine Wynne with one of the bats she is caring for.
  • Christine Wynne

Phone: 07 4159 6431

Snake catchers

  • Kav’s Wildlife Services

Kyle Hancock, Phone: 0459 039 695

  • Scaly Critter Catchers

Josh, Phone: 0400 262 020

Gayndah to Childers

  • Buckleys Snake Relocation Services

Andrew Buckley, Phone: 0456 934 578

Andrew has a huge area from Gayndah to Childers and all areas in between including Dallarnil, Gayndah, Biggenden, Childers and Bundaberg.

If there are other snake catchers or wildlife carers who would like to be added to this list, please email news@bundabergnow.com including a link to your website or Facebook page.

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