Jack shares secret to living 100 years

jack sulsters 100
Jack Sulsters, 100, still enjoys the challenge of woodworking.

At 100 years of age, Bundaberg Region resident Jack Sulsters shares his simple philosophy for a long and happy life: just keep moving!

“Don’t go sit down,” Jack said.

“You have to keep moving and doing things as well and that’s what I’m still doing.”

The sprite centenarian keeps his hands and his feet busy through his two main hobbies, woodworking and ballroom dancing.

A carpenter/joiner for most of his life Jack said he still enjoyed woodwork, whittling historic items.

“It’s a beautiful trade,” Jack said.

“There is so much opportunities. It’s a challenge.

“You know in woodwork, I build ships and I build planes.”

And he’s still got the moves on the dance floor, attending social dances twice a week with 99-year-old dance partner Mary Mills.

“It’s fairly enjoyable. It’s a good exercise as well,” he said.

“Makes sure that you don’t fall down!”

Born in Amsterdam in 1919, Jack moved to Australia in his early 60s to find better job opportunities for his two sons and daughter.

After spending some time in Sydney he moved to Bundaberg and has now lived in the region for about 25 years.

And he has no intention of going anywhere soon.

“It is a beautiful spot, Bundaberg,” Jack said.

“The climate is so beautiful. I think one of the best in the world.

“I think there’s three places in the world and I reckon Bundaberg is one of them.”

Jack is also something of a musician, playing the mouth organ and a 200 button accordion.