Truck Friend-Lee: Kernaghan supports local campaign

Lee Truck Friendly
Lee Kernaghan has thrown his support behind a Bundaberg man’s Truck Friendly campaign

Country music legend Lee Kernaghan has thrown his support behind a Bundaberg man’s Truck Friendly campaign to educate caravanners on road safety.

Truck Friendly founder Ken Wilson approached Lee to support the campaign while he was in town for a performance at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre.

Ken said he found Lee all too happy to help, with a personal experience leaving the topic close to his heart.

“On his very first tour Lee was involved in a caravan rollover,” Ken said.

“He was in a mate’s car pulling an overloaded caravan down a hill and it got caravan sway up and overturned flipping the car and caravan.

“I found him to be an absolutely lovely bloke to talk to.

“He couldn’t do enough for us.”

Lee Kernaghan records Truck Friendly endorsement

In a recorded message Lee encouraged caravanners to get on board with the Truck Friendly program.

“We do a whole lot of miles out on the Backroad Nation tour and we want to keep everybody safe out there on the road,” Lee said.

“That’s why I’m right behind the Truck Friendly program.

“Let’s keep everybody safe out there on the road.”

Ken said the campaign was going exceptionally well.

“We’ve now got distribution points in all six states plus the Northern Territory.

“It is extremely positive.”

According to Ken, the most rewarding aspect was the take-up and feedback from caravanners.

“It’s the caravanners who really want to learn and to help.

“They don’t like that stigma. The caravanners are really driving this.”

Still working full time and self-funding the campaign with the assistance of Bundaberg Regional Council and industry representatives, Ken said he was now seeking funding or grants to allow him to focus on Truck Friendly full time.

“Next year the goal is to take the whole program on the road.

“The idea there is to spend 12 months with the option for an additional 12 months doing caravan safety talks in caravan club rallies and parks throughout Australia.”

He recently had a meeting with Federal Government representatives and Assistant Minister for Road Safety Scott Buckholz about funding opportunities and was encouraged to apply for the next round of grants.

“They said I ticked all the boxes and I get 10 out of 10 for enthusiasm!”

Ken has also just released small round stickers for cars and trucks that say I support the Truck Friendly program.

A large Australia caravan manufacture is also keen to have the Truck Friendly program featured in a series of road safety videos.