Smiley face signs encourage good driving

SAFE DRIVING: One of the smiley face signs on Dunn Road, Avenell Heights.
Safe driving: One of the smiley face signs on Dunn Road, Avenell Heights.

Signs which light up with a smiley face when motorists follow the speed limit are having a positive impact on driver behaviour in the Bundaberg Region.

Two of the signs, which were placed on Moodies Road in Bargara and Dunn Road in Avenell Heights, will soon be relocated to continue promoting road safety awareness to drivers.

Bundaberg Region Mayor Jack Dempsey said the devices were programmed to reflect the regulated speed of the road.

“If motorists are exceeding that speed, the smiley face indicates the speed that the motorist is travelling at – if the motorist is within the regulated speed, a smiley face is indicated,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“The majority of motorists do the right thing.

“This is another way to keep our neighbourhoods safe and encourage good driver behaviour.”

Mayor Dempsey said the signs were placed in various locations for two months at a time before relocation.

“We have already received positive feedback from many residents who live in the areas of the signs,” he said.

Bargara residents appreciate smiley face signs

Bargara resident and local Neighbourhood Watch coordinator Michael Owens said the signs were a “great idea” and a non-intrusive way to promote road safety.

“Moodies Road has often been named as a bit of hot spot for hooning drivers,” he said.

“I think the introduction of these signs has been making a difference.

“The smiley face creates road safety awareness in a unique way; it's a great initiative to reduce speeding and to make people think about how they are driving.

“It’s also a nice little surprise to see a smiley face light up to acknowledge good driving behaviour.”

The signs will soon be relocated to other areas in the region, which Mayor Dempsey said would continue to assist road users.

“It's hoped by changing the location of the signs, more drivers will be exposed to their benefits,” he said.

“These signs not only warn drivers if they are going too fast, they also acknowledge good driving behaviour.”

The two signs will be moved from Avenell Street and Bourbong Street during September and October after two months along Moodies Road and Dunn Road.


  1. Great idea, should be more smiley face speed signs about. Far safer and more effective to warn someone immediately instead of sending a fine weeks later when they have no recollection of it or who might have been at the wheel at the time.

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