Twilight market to highlight young creators

mikstitches owner Mikaela Schneider is excited for this Friday's Young Creator's Market.

Since starting mikstitches Mikaela Schneider has had great success in online sales but now she’s excited to test the local appetite at this Friday’s Young Creator’s Market.

The twilight market event is being held in the park next to Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery as part of this year’s Emerge Exhibition.

The exhibition shines a spotlight on the region’s talented young people.

Mikaela, 24, will be selling her embroidered hoops and taking orders for embroidered clothing.

“I definitely want to get my name out there more,” Mikaela said.

“I do have an Etsy store.

“It’s been pretty good, I’ve been selling shirts as well with names on them and I’ve done a few custom orders.

“People have been really loving them which is awesome.

“It will be interesting to see the difference in selling locally to online.”

One of Mikaela's designs. Source: Facebook

She started embroidering in April and in just a few short months had her business mikstitches up and running.

“I had seen a few people doing it online for maybe the last year and I’ve just been wanting to do it since but never had the confidence.

“I thought ‘why not’?

“So I just started and ended up absolutely loving it.

“I think they’re just really good decoration pieces.”

The young creator is self-taught, learning from watching YouTube videos.

“I don’t think I’m extremely creative, but I think this has definitely bought out a more creative side.”

When first starting embroidery Mikaela combined it with her other love – Taylor Swift – practicing by stitching lyrics to her favourite songs.

‘I’m a huge Taylor fan, she’s actually seen a few of them as well.

“She actually has a blog online that she likes people’s posts and she’s liked a few of them there.”

The Young Creator’s Market is on this Friday, 20 September from 5-7pm in the park next to Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery at 1 Barolin Street.

mikstitches will be joined at the market by stalls featuring a range of items including jewellery and art.

Emerging musicians will also perform with a food and drink van on site and the gallery will be open.