Good day at Goodnight Scrub Hall picnic

Goodnight Scrub Hall Picnic
Bundaberg Region Mayor Jack Dempsey caught up with local rural fire brigade members supporting the Goodnight Scrub Hall picnic races, from left: Loretta Kennett, Billy Morton, Geoff Kirkup and Luke Franklin.

The spirit of community shone today as people gathered for the Goodnight Scrub Hall (horseless) picnic races.

The enthusiastic group of children in attendance approached the games with gusto with “gold medals” were awarded in events including sack races, three-legged races, egg throwing and novelty relays.

Scarecrows created by local schools were also on display.

Goodnight Scrub Hall Picnic
Abby Cooper, Jacqui Tozan and Katrina Thompson compete in the egg throwing and catching competition at the Goodnight Scrub Hall Picnic.

Members of local rural fire brigades were on hand to provide the hoses and a little water to encourage a water slide and the odd mischievous hose down of anyone unaware and standing close by.

Bundaberg Regional Council divisional representative Cr Wayne Honor said the Goodnight Scrub Hall was a vital part of the community and achieved even more importance as a social and recreational meeting place where other infrastructure was scarce.

Goodnight Scrub Hall piano
The historic piano in the Goodnight Scrub Hall held special memories for Cr Wayne Honor with the instrument played by his relative and legendary local musician the late Myra Cullen at the 1934 opening of the hall.

“This hall has an amazing history with an official opening taking place at Easter 1934,” he said.

“A family relative, the late Myra Cullen, actually played piano at that opening and that old piano, though not in working order, is still in this hall.”

Hall committee president Sandie Bloomfield said the weekend’s events were aimed at raising funds to provide additional facilities for the hall and its surrounding parkland.

“Much of the current outdoor furniture has reached its use by date and we feel that new picnic tables and other amenities will certainly encourage additional use of our facility,” she said.

Mayor Jack Dempsey was among the guests.

Goodnight Scrub Hall Picnic
Going for gold at the Goodnight Scrub Hall picnic races were siblings (from left) Spencer, Alexis and Laughlan Rackemann.
Goodight Scrub Hall scarecrow competition
“Sol”, the Goodnight Scrub Hall secretary displays two scarecrows built by local schools for the scarecrow competition.