Go West Rally brings the world to Bundaberg

Go West Down Under Rally
About 40 participants in the Go West Down Under Rally are on their way to the Port of Bundaberg marina.
Photo: Down Under Rally

About 40 ocean-going vessels from 12 countries are on their way to Bundaberg as part of the Go West Down Under Rally.

Participants in the Go West Rally are free to depart for Australia from either Vanuatu or New Caledonia with the goal of arriving at Bundaberg between 1 October and 15 November.

Each vessel has a minimum of two crew aboard and some have more.

Organiser John Hembrow said by 6 November most of the boats will be at the Bundaberg Port Marina.

A Welcome Week celebration for the Go West Down Under rally is planned from 6-12 November, with activities from yoga to pub nights and cocktail parties.

Local people are encouraged to attend celebrations during Welcome Week.

John said the event will deliver an economic boost for the region and put Bundaberg on the map as a yachting destination.

“Most of these vessels have spent extended periods in the Pacific and when they arrive in Australia they will be looking to carry out repairs and maintenance and do upgrades to their vessels over the coming months,” he said.

“Most are on a world circumnavigation that will take between 3-7 years.

“They will spend a minimum of six months in Australia (cyclone season) before continuing onward to Asia. Some will stay in Australia for up to three years.”

Bundaberg Regional Council is a supporter of Go West Down Under.


  1. These are not super yachts nor would Bundaberg marina have the right or sufficient facilities for super yachts.

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