Ghostly encounters at Moncrieff fright night

moncrieff fright night
The Moncrieff Entertainment Centre is hosting a fright night, sharing details about the ghost that lives in the auditorium.

It may not be opera, but tales about phantom of the theatre will be shared at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre on Halloween fright night.

On Thursday, 31 October residents with a thirst for the mysterious can take an exclusive backstage tour recounting the mysterious happenings at the Moncrieff before a screening of the spine-chilling horror movie The Autopsy of Jane Doe.

Moncrieff manager Rod Ainsworth said, over the years, staff at the facility had relayed spooky encounters that would be shared with participants.

“The Moncrieff ghost is rumoured to move things around, untie ropes and linger in the long, narrow hallway watching performances from side stage,” Rod said.

“The spirit has even been spotted haunting the auditorium after dark.

“I’m a bit cynical about these things, but I’ve certainly felt a presence watching me when I’m here late.

“I guess every theatre’s got to have a ghost!

“Halloween, while not a traditional Australian holiday, is becoming more popular in our region so we were pleased to be able to offer an event that will cater to any adults looking for a fright – for a bit of fun.”

The fright night is open to residents 15 and over, with The Autopsy of Jane Doe, which tells the story of an unusual corpse from the point of view of the coroners, rated MA15+.

Tickets for the fright night, which include the guided tour and movie, are $10.