Moncrieff attendance numbers off the charts

Moncrieff community programming
Moncrieff staff David Hints, Rod Ainsworth and Jolene Watson have been welcoming more guests to the centre of late with attendance numbers skyrocketing.

Cinema and theatre attendance has skyrocketed at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre just over 12 months after new community-driven programming was introduced.

The Moncrieff flicked the switch on its programming in July 2018, with the introduction of the Moncrieff Cinema Society to select films based on community requests.

The changes included a shift away from cinema to allow the centre to provide more live events and curated experiences.

Moncrieff Entertainment Centre manager Rod Ainsworth said the results of the new programming spoke for themselves.

“We’ve had over 2000 more people through the doors in the last three months compared to the same quarter last year,” Rod said.

“Cinema occupancy has skyrocketed from an average of just under 5 per cent last year to 25.6 per cent this quarter.

“This includes all cinema events and our Moncrieff Cinema Society which programs our list of international films.”

The new community-driven programming has also given the Moncrieff the opportunity to double the number of community activities on offer.

“We have had great responses to a range of activities, including our free school holiday events combining a craft and cinema experience.

“In terms of venue usage, we’re sitting at over 70% capacity. That’s compared to the national average of about 52%.”

Moncrieff programming makes a community hub

As a community-owned facility, Rod said it was rewarding to see the impact the changes were having.

“A performing arts centre should be true to the word ‘centre’,” he said.

“We should be a centre of our community and these numbers show that we are listening and responding to residents.

“We are now in the process of finalising the 2020 season and there are some great live shows, cinema screenings and community activities being planned.

“We will soon announce some events for early in the year and will launch the 2020 program officially in February.”

Rod said there were also exciting plans to be revealed soon that would ensure the venue was ideal for live events as well as cinema.

View the 2019 season program here.

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  1. Is there any possibility of the movie “Judy” coming to the Moncrief. It is not being screened at the Reading Cinemas. It a story about Judy Garland and I am sure many of the older generation would love to see itIt will come out on DVD but it is much nicer on the big screen. Here’s hoping!!!

  2. The staff at Moncrieff are wonderful.
    I attended their Bundy Open House day, and was very impressed by everyone who I encountered during that experience — especially: Trevor (front of house person), the very informative young projectionist, and Anthea on the ticketing desk and at the Door. Recent visits for two separate Film Festival events proved that the same very high levels of service occurred at all times. Thank you staff of Moncrieff.

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