Wireless earbuds sound ideal audio tech

Apple Air Pods are just one of the wireless headphone options now on the market. Photo: Apple AU
Apple Air Pods are just one of the wireless headphone options now on the market. Photo: Apple AU

The world of personal audio has been a loud topic for a long time.

Headphones and earphones have been around for decades and one of the only big breakthroughs in this space has been the introduction of wireless earbuds.

The past few years has seen an explosion of products in the wireless earbud market.

The most notable introduction was the Apple AirPods in December 2016 and now the new Airpod Pro.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds also entered this market in a big way.

Why wireless headphones all of the sudden?

We need to examine the other changes in the market that have evolved in this time.

Namely the fact that almost all adults (and many children) now carry a smart phone in their pocket from dawn til dust.

These devices have ready access to media, much of which has an audio component and this is a key factor.

A common phrase coined in the camera revolution was “the best camera is the one you have on you”.

This translates well to the audio world.

While a fully enclosed ear headphone will give a richer audio experience, it isn’t always practical to carry around a large set of headphones with you everywhere you go, particularly the corded kind.

The truth is that great audio has been very accessible for a long while now.

Whether it be from a home theatre system to quality headphones and even in the cars we drive.

The change in the market hasn’t been just about quality, the real indicator points to convenience.

As with much of today’s tech, it's about removing friction.

When it comes to tech in 2019 we want something that is simple, portable, affordable and faultless.

It would seem like a lot to ask, however improvements in this space have lead to a more accessible market than ever.

Next time you are making a tech decision, have a think about what matters to you. Chances are you will decide that the best tech for you is the tech that you have on you everywhere you go.