High-tech machine reduces waste to landfill

Video: Morgan Everett

A high-tech material handler is helping Bundaberg Regional Council sort through waste to ensure recyclable and reusable items are picked out before being buried.

Waste and recycling portfolio spokesman Cr Scott Rowleson said the wheeled material handler was recently added to the Qunaba Waste Facility after the existing machine was due for replacement.

“This material handler provides all of the high-tech capabilities to ensure our waste facility staff can do their jobs as efficiently as possible,” he said.

“In this day and age it is so important that we recycle items correctly so our environment can continue to thrive but often, we find many recyclable items are still winding up in the ground.

“This machine helps operators to cherry-pick those items out of landfill quickly and without any damage caused so they can then go on to be recycled effectively.”

Wheeled material handler sorts waste

Technical officer of landfill operations John Davis said the new machine was perfect for sorting through waste.

“The technology of this machine, through its electronic hydraulics, means the operator can pick through a load of rubbish and pull out the recyclable contents without destroying it,” he said.

“This is extremely efficient as recycling an item which is not damaged is much better and easier than recycling one that is.”

John said the technology was so sensitive an operator could even take the lid off a glass bottle without crushing it to pieces.

“Previously we couldn't do that with the old excavator due to its full hydraulic pressure, it would destroy whatever it grabbed,” he said.

John said the wheeled material handler could be moved around the region.

“If we have a disaster, it can also be taken to the immediate site to sort through waste and rubble as required,” he said.

The new machine perfectly complements another machine called a landfill compactor, with John stating the two worked in tandem to create efficient recycling and landfill measures.

He said move was working towards creating a better lifestyle for everyone.

“The machines work well together to minimise what goes in the ground,” he said.

“At the end of the day recycling and finding another use for our waste  is the main goal.

“Hopefully in the future we will not need landfills because we will know how to recycle most items.”

The machine can pick up recyclable objects without crushing them.