Rural Fire Brigade calls for help to locate hydrants

rural fire hydrants
The Moore Park Beach Rural Fire Brigade came across a number of delays in a recent hydrant location training session.

The Rural Fire Brigade is calling on residents to support firefighting efforts by keeping an eye on the fire hydrants outside their business or property.

A recent hydrant location training session by the Moore Park Beach Rural Fire Brigade highlighted the need for residents to be aware of how they can assist crews in an emergency.

Secretary George Shuter said there were a number of aspects to hydrant identification and residents could help to ensure they remained visible and in good condition.

“What the brigade needs to locate for a hydrant is a blue reflector at the centre of the road … and a cleared yellow hydrant cover plate,” George said.

“If any one of these items is missing from the roadside, houses and property are endangered due to the delay in hydrant location.”

During a training session recently he said they came across a number of delays.

rural fire hydrant location
Moore Park Beach Rural Fire Brigade members at times couldn't locate hydrants in a recent training session because they were overgrown or had been mulched over.

“Many hydrants were difficult to find, with no location signs, being covered by sand or in some cases totally obscured by lawn, grass, plants and bushes,” he said.

“Several incidents in recent times have delayed the filling of truck tanks by up to 10 minutes, adding to the return time taken.

“It is something that is cropping up more regularly in the entire Bundaberg Region fire area.

“With the early fire season upon us, it is imperative that the hydrants are locatable and serviceable.”

Damaged or difficult to see hydrants, hydrant covers and hydrant locators can be reported to Bundaberg Regional Council for repair.

Water services portfolio spokesperson Cr Jason Bartels said with about 4000 hydrants throughout the region, community assistance was needed to ensure all hydrants remained accessible.

“Along with the rural fire brigade we would like to encourage residents to keep a check on fire hydrants near their properties,” Cr Bartels said.

“If your fire hydrant cover is damaged or identified as being too high or too low, please don’t tamper with it.

“Report the issue immediately to Council so that it can be added to our ongoing program for maintenance.

“Likewise with hydrant locators, if the reflector is damaged or difficult to see, please report this to Council.”

To make a formal report to Council call 1300 883 699 or send the request via Snap Send Solve.