New song: ‘Dam we need our Paradise back’


Bundaberg musician Warren Wrangell has composed a song to support Mayor Jack Dempsey's petition on Paradise Dam.

The Council employee received assistance from Bundaberg Now to produce a music video for the catchy tune.

In the lyrics, “Wazza” laments the failure of the dam wall … “And they won't give us a reason.”

“Dam we need our Paradise back,” he sings.

“By signing the petition started off by Jack, let's fight to get our Paradise back.

“They want to tear down the walls, drop it by five metres, wasting all that water, precious millions of litres.

“Dam we need our Paradise back.”

Mayor Dempsey welcomed Wazza's musical call to arms.

“It's great to see community members getting behind the petition,” he said.

“The more signatures we get the more the decision makers in Brisbane will have to take notice.”

The online petition currently has more than 2700 signatures.

Earlier this year Wrangell became an internet sensation with his tribute to Bundaberg's laid-back lifestyle, Bundy on a Sunday.


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