Three decades of history at Wood and Craft Expo

Wood and Craft Expo
Bundaberg Woodworkers Guild life member Malcolm Chisholm at the Wood and Craft Expo.

For thirty years the Bundaberg Woodworkers Guild has been creating wooden masterpieces and it was all on show at the Wood and Craft Expo 2019.

Bundaberg Woodworkers Guild president Steve Faulkner invited the community to head along and check out what the member had been up to, with the expo continuing tomorrow.

“People can come out and have a good look around and see what the workers guild does,” Steve said.

“We have wood turning display demonstrations going on, we have scrolls saw demonstrations and a lot of our work from the Wood Workers Guild is here for sale too.

Steve said the Wood and Craft Expo 2019 was the club’s major fundraiser and it was also the guild’s end of year competition event.

“Events like this are very important and it gives members a chance to showcase their work as well,” he said.

“We’ve got members set up with their stalls to showcase their works, it’s really just a good day out.”

Bundaberg Woodworkers Guild oldest member Shirley Patterson, 88, won Grand Champion for Competition for the fourth time and said she was proud of her winning entry, a hand-crafted wooden clock.

Memories of logging years shared at Wood and Craft Expo

Allan and Bel Shield owned logging company Keru Pty Ltd and displayed photo albums containing almost 50 years history of logging in the Bundaberg Region.

Wood and Craft Expo
Allan and Bel Shield owned logging company Keru Pty Ltd they showed their history in photos at the Wood and Craft Expo.

The retired couple have fond memories of their logging past and said it was a passion that ran through their blood.

Allan said the hardwood trees were enormous and a tractor was often needed to pull the loaded logging trucks up and down the hills.

“We logged in Mount Perry and Baffle Creek,” Allan said.

“The trees were easily 10 metres in length and the logs were higher than the roof of the ute when on the ground.”

Bel recalled days of camping out onsite in their caravan for days on end while Allan logged monstrous-sized hardwood trees from the Mount Perry area.

“We bought that caravan in 1976 and being a country girl, I helped out,” Bel said.

“I remember opening and shutting gates, having smoko out in the bush, all around the Burnett and Wide Bay area.”

Bel said along with the memories, they still had some of the equipment used to cut and skid the giant trees and have them ready to be taken off to production.

The Wood and Craft Expo 2019 is open again on Sunday, from 9am to noon, at the Bundaberg Recreational Precinct.