Burnett Heads water system creates sustained pressure

Burnett Heads water system upgrade
Stage 2 of the Burnett Heads water system upgrade will soon be under way.

Residents in Burnett Heads will soon experience a strong and steady flow of water pressure from their taps, no matter what time of day, as part of a water system upgrade in the area.

Work will begin next week on the second stage of a water infrastructure project aimed at strengthening the water supply to Burnett Heads.

Bundaberg Regional Council's Water and Wastewater portfolio spokesperson Cr Jason Bartels said the project would involve installing a water pressure main to run through areas including Baldry Street and Schleger Street.

“This is the second stage of a three-stage project that aims to strengthen the water pressure to the whole of the Burnett Heads community,” Cr Bartels said.

“Construction will commence on 25 November and is expected to be completed during December 2019.”

Cr Bartels said the completed project would work towards creating sustained water pressure for residents, rather than a fluctuation of water pressure which was often experienced.

“What we have at the moment is periods of the day, for example early in the morning and early in the evening water is used in high quantities, which can cause pressure drops over that period,” he said.

“This project will help to eliminate that fluctuation and keep water pressure at the same level, no matter what time of day it is being used.”

Cr Bartels said construction work would be undertaken Monday to Friday between 7am and 5pm.

“Traffic management measures will be implemented during construction and no driveway access will be impeded during the course of the work,” he said.

“Bundaberg Regional Council is aware of the inconvenience construction work causes and we would like to thank residents for their patience and co-operation during this time.”