SES volunteers recognised with awards

SES volunteer awards
Bundaberg SES Unit local controller Kieran Galey has been named the 2019 Unit Member of the Year at the SES volunteer awards evening.

The SES volunteers who dedicate countless hours to the Bundaberg Region community have been recognised at a special awards ceremony.

Bundaberg SES Unit local controller Kieran Galey was named Unit Member of the Year while Woodgate SES took out the title of Most Outstanding Group.

Kieran said the recognition from his peers came as a big surprise.

“As the local controller of the SES Bundaberg Unit I have always believed my fellow volunteers have worked tirelessly for their community,” Kieran said.

“To stand beside such a great team has always encouraged myself to do more for the community and for the volunteers helping others.”

Kieran has been a vital contributor to the SES over 11 years through various natural disasters and major events across Queensland.

Over the last four years he has also dedicated himself to the Rural Fire Service, becoming a dual member.

He said every SES member cast a vote to recognise their fellow team members which made the awards all the more meaningful.

“I believe one of the main reasons the volunteers picked to acknowledge myself was because I have always stood by them and believe in leading by example.

“I won’t ask them to do something that I am not prepared to do myself.

“The respect between all the volunteers to myself has been greatly appreciated and I could not ask for a better group of community minded people to stand beside.”

Kieran said the award winners were all active volunteers.

“When we go through and do the tally up of the votes, we assess how much dedication that volunteer has put in … for some that’s over 38 years,” Kieran said.

“There’s a lot of history behind a lot of volunteers that have been nominated.”

He said to put it in to perspective, the Bundaberg Unit alone dedicated more than 1200 man-hours in the past week supporting emergency services dealing with bushfires at Woodgate.

“I believe it is important to recognise volunteers because of the countless days and nights of commitment they show to their community.

They go out of their way to leave their families to go help those that are in need during emergency situations.”

Bundaberg SES
Bundaberg SES volunteers supported other emergency services during the recent Woodgate fires. Photo: Facebook

SES volunteer awards winners

Most outstanding Group: Woodgate SES
Unit Member of the Year
: Kieran Galey
Probationary Member of Year: Annette Farrar
Accident Prone of the Year: Anne Marie Byrnes
High Risk Specialised Operator of the Year
: Charles Elson
Unit Trainer of the Year: Wayne Cameron
Inspiring Leader of the Year: Ben Bartlett

Each local unit also nominated their most outstanding member of the year:

Woodgate Group Member of the Year: Gail Peterson
Bundaberg Group Member of the Year: Byron Walton
Elliott Heads Group Member of the Year: Ronnie Hogan
Moore Park Group Member of the Year: Chrissie Matthews
Innes Park Group Member of the Year: Caitlyn Simpkins
Gin Gin Member of the Year: Midge Rose
Childers Member of Year: Matthew Rayner